10 Rides At Disney’s Hollywood Studios That Were Never Built

1.) The Nightmare Before ChristmasA dark ride based on Tim Burton‘s 1993 film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also considered for Disney’s California Adventure.

2.) Baby Herman’s Runaway Baby BuggyA Fantasyland-style dark ride based on Baby Herman, a character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.Riders would have been riding in giant baby carriages, going through scenes of the Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Trouble,but as Baby Hermans stunt double,which would have involved, bouncing over hospital beds, and whizzing around the wards of St. Nowhere Hospital.

3.) Benny the Cab Ride

A dark ride based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit that eventually became Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland.

4.) Dick Tracy’s Crime StoppersAn enhanced motion vehicle ride through the streets of Chicago based on the 1990 film Dick Tracy.

5.) The Great Muppet Movie RideA “misguided” tour through movie history, given Muppet-style. The ride could be part of a planned Disney’s The Muppets themed area called Muppet Studios, along with Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D.

6.) Hotel MelA precursor to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. A comedic dark based on the humor of Mel Brooks.

7.) Geyser MountainAnother precursor to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror that was going to be a Drop Tower and roller coaster combo.

8.) The RocketeerA flying jetpack-themed rollercoaster based on the 1991 superhero film, The Rocketeer.

9.) Toontown TrolleyA madcap adventure that would have flight simulators surrounded by animated screens to take guests on a “hare-raising” trolley ride through a zany cartoon world with Roger Rabbit at the helm.

10.) Villain rideA 3D adventure where visitors would have been menaced by three-dimensional recreations of Disney’s most famous fiends before the forces of good finally came to their rescue. A possible replacement for The Great Movie Ride.

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