5 Rides At Magic Kingdom That Were Never Built

This is a public list of known Disney World attractions that were never built. This list includes rides and shows of Disney parks that never reached the final building stage. Some of them were fully designed and not built. Others were concepts, sometimes with preliminary artwork. Below is a list of rides that Magic Kingdom park would have had but ultimately fell through.

1.) Cinderella Dark RideIn the first two blueprints for New Fantasyland, the area now used by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was to have a Cinderella dark ride, a Cinderella meet and greet, and a Princess Aurora meet and greet.

2.) NostromoThe idea behind the creation of ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was Nostromo. Originally based on the film Alien and slated to star the film’s titular creature; the idea was scrapped as an attraction based on an R-rated horror film was deemed too frightening for the Magic Kingdom. There is an Alien scene in The Great Movie Ride.

3.) Bald Mountain and Fire Mountain

In the late 20th century, the Imagineers decided to boost tourism to the parks. What better way to do that than with mountains? Fire Mountain, for Adventureland was to feature seats that acted normally until the ride was about to start. Then the seats rotated and folded so the riders were in a flying position. This attraction made it all the way to testing. Imagineers flew a large balloon the same height of the attraction to see if park guests could view it, and from where. Thankfully, Main Street couldn’t see it, and the Polynesian Resort had a great view. Unfortunately, the idea collapsed and was never built. Bald Mountain, however, was a log flume ride. The ride would be very similar to Splash Mountain, however the story would feature villains. There was a theory that this would later grow into an entire mini-land inside Fantasyland, and then the rumor was that it would be Walt Disney World’s fifth gate (theme park), but none of it was ever created for unknown reasons.

4.) Pixie HollowIn the first blueprint for New Fantasyland, the Storybook Circus area, except for The Barnstormer and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, was to be used for a Pixie Hollow area, which would have held a dark ride as well as meet and greets for Tinkerbell and other fairies.

5.) Western River ExpeditionA Pirates of the Caribbean-style ride through the Wild West. This was first proposed for Walt Disney’s Riverfront Square. The land proposed for the ride is now used by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The attraction could still be in the works in the future, if there is any room left in Frontierland.

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