Hasbro’s New Star Wars Interactive Chewbacca Is Just Adorable

Last year at Toy Fair, Hasbro caught the attention of attendees with an entire wall of dancing Baby Groots. This year’s version of that is a bit more of a narrative stretch but no less adorable: it’s a 16-inch tall Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie from Solo: A Star Wars Story, although, y’know, it’s not quite the same look he has in the movie. I may think a full-sized realistic Chewbacca is fun to hug (you better believe I waited in line at Disneyland to do just that), but for kids who are slightly smaller, this is more their size, and won’t be threatening arm removal any time soon. It’s also less weirdly Furbish than that Chewbacca Furby that came out three years ago.

He is just as interactive, however, responding to external movements and sounds with rrrrRRRROWrrrrs and movements of his own.

Your favorite Wookiee smuggler has over 100 sound and motion combinations in all, including different facial expressions. His legs feature standard articulation, so you can pose them yourself. Pose him on all fours and you might be able to fool your pet into thinking it has a new sibling.

Now that I think about it, his face evokes someone else too…

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is for children ages 4 and up, and will be available for $129.99 later this year in the fall.

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