Disney: Trump to have speaking role in Hall of Presidents

Walt Disney World plans to give President Donald Trump a speaking role in The Hall of Presidents attraction, park officials said Sunday.

Many people have wondered what role the president would play in the Magic Kingdom attraction since he was elected.

Located in Liberty Square, the Hall of Presidents features animatronic robots of all previous U.S. presidents.

Since Bill Clinton, every sitting president has recited a speech during the attraction.  

A report in May from Vice’s Motherboard suggested that the Trump animatronic would be silent.

However, Disney says it plans for Trump to speak.
“The same thing that we’ve done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump,” said Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications. When asked if Trump would have a speaking role, Wahler said that he would.

The attraction has been closed since January for refurbishment.

Initially, the Walt Disney World website said the attraction would be closed between Jan. 17 and June 29.

No specific date has been anounced, but Disney says The Hall of Presidents will reopen in “late 2017.”

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