Disneyland Fans React to New Downtown Disney Parking Policy

The Disneyland Resort is making some changes to the parking policy at its Downtown Disney parking lot.

Previously, any guest could park in the lot free for up to 2 hours, but effective August 16, 2017, guests must make a purchase in Downtown Disney to receive ANY free parking.

The new policy provides 2 hours of free parking with a minimum $20 purchase (and validation) at a single Downtown Disney location, including any shopping or dining location. Guests can receive up to 4 hours of free parking with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant or the AMC Theatres.

Any additional hours will remain at a cost of $12 per hour, which will now be charged in 30-minute increments (following a 15-minute grace period).

The maximum daily parking fee for the Downtown Disney lot has increased from $36 to $48.

See what other users think about this decision making on the DISBoards:

Poster ‘ashley0139‘ agrees that “a lot of APs use it for short term theme park parking” and ‘Kender” adds, “We just can’t have nice things, can we?”

‘DLgal‘ shares, “Disney created this parking mess and now we have to pay for it. That’s just wrong” and ‘SteveMP‘ thinks that Disney greed is at the heart of the matter “like all of the other changes going on.”

Poster ‘MillauFr‘ “I am surprised they are taking so long to make changes there. I mean Disney is selling rooms for $600 per night at the Grand Californian??? That has to be incredibly profitable. Why aren’t they building more hotels there? Which would you do? Sell rooms for $600 per night or sell two parking spots for $10 per night?”

Poster ‘skierrob‘ “Disneyland wants people to park at Downtown Disney who will spend $$ at Downtown Disney. If you aren’t going to spend $20 at a location while there, then why should you get free parking?”

Source: Disneyland & DISBoards

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