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Hall of Presidents Set to Open in Coming Weeks!

President Trump is set to make his grand debut in Disney's Hall of Presidents in the coming weeks! This photo was snuck out of the auditorium by an industry mole. Trump's speech during the show was quoted as "powerful and bi-partisan." There were no mentions of building "A Wall surrounding the borders" or "North Korea" or " Chynnnnna". We hope to share more on this coming topic in the following weeks!

Hurricane Irma to CLOSE Disney World!

Hurricane Irma is screaming towards The Happiest Place on Earth. Arriving Sunday, Irma will make landfall and work it's way towards 'The House of Mouse'. Many in the surrounding areas have already evacuated from the coast and neighboring towns. Disney is administering full force preparations to keep their property safe. Disney has already cancelled special events and are encouraging guests to play it safe as this storm approaches.

For the time being, all parks are remaining open but within the next 48 hours Disney will close all parks in Orlando, FL.

See the closures list below:

Disney Responds to Hurricane Harvey!

Disney has come out today on Tuesday August 29th and have commited $1 MILLION dollars towards the Hurrican Harvey relief fund. Bob Iger also said Disney would match Harvey-related Red Cross donations by its employees, ie. Cast Members.

“Our hearts go out to everyone in the devastating path of this historic storm,” said Disney chief Bob Iger. “It’s hard to fully appreciate the impact, in part because it isn’t over yet. But we know thousands of people have lost everything and now face the daunting challenge of putting their lives and communities back together, and we’re using our unique resources and reach to help those in need.”

This corporate donation is welcomed in a time of desperate need as 100's of families are affected by this act of nature. We will update this story as more develops. - CEO

Magic Kingdom’s Sonny Eclipse is a “Hot” topic today!

The “biggest little star in the galaxy” has been entertaining guests at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park since 1995. Guests can catch his 27-minute set of tunes – and wisecracks – multiple times a day while they dine.

In honor of today’s solar eclipse, here are five fun facts about our very own Sonny Eclipse.

1. Sonny’s instrument is an Astro-Organ – The “out-of-this world” instrument he uses for accompaniment is a glowing keyboard-like creation called an Astro-Organ.

2. His hometown is Yew Nork City on Planet Zork – Sonny describes his hometown as a “topsy-turvy town where the subways are up and the streets are down.”

3. Sonny’s repertoire features only original songs – Sonny’s set includes eight original songs, including “Planetary Boogie,” “Bright Little Star,” “Space Angels” “Gravity Blues” and more. The songs were co-created by Walt Disney Imagineering and composer George Wilkens, who had previously written and arranged music for the Food Rocks attraction at Epcot and the “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” pre-show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

4. Sonny loves jokes – Sonny incorporates many jokes into his act – the cornier the better! (“You know, I recently heard the universe was expanding. Guess it’s time to loosen the asteroid belt!”).

5. Sonny has three backup singers – Sonny is backed by an invisible trio known as the Space Angels.

-- Courtesy of Disney Park Blogs. Visit Here.

Indiana Jones Land Coming to Animal Kingdom?

Rumor has it that Disney is looking into replacing Dino-Rama with an all new Indiana Jones land that would officially make dinosaurs extinct at the park. Our sources have confirmed that Disney is in the mix with Imagineers to transform this part of the park into a brand new adventure. 

DINOSAUR will be replaced with Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye

The 22 year old ride at Disneyland will finally get pushed into this decade using brand new technology and upgraded ride vehicles.

We look forward to bringing you more information has we find out about this incredible story!

Disney Popcorn Stands Left Vacant After This Decision Was Made…

The seagull epidemic isn't new at Disney World. These "flying rats" scavenge for their next meal and leave no kernel uneaten. It has become very apparent that Disney had to kill two birds with one stone and abolish this popular snack to keep the seagulls at bay while introducing a new and healthier alternative for their guests to indulge in.

Seagull Perched at World Showcase Epcot

Disney continues to innovate and expand their offerings to their loyal customers. We will update you as we find out more info on this story! 

Pawsicles Coming To Animal Kingdom!

We just got our hands on some goodies being tested at Disney's Animal Kingdom! We are excited to share with you that Animal Kingdom is getting a delicious edible treat dubbed "Pawsicles". These treats will be available in 2 flavors:

  • Nick 'Wilde' Berry
  • Lt. Judy Hopps Cotton Candy

More info as this develops!