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The Mickey ice cream bar is one of the most beloved Disney Parks treats. It’s one of those classic snacks that every Disney fan has to try, and one of our favorites to get anytime we visit a Disney destination.

And now, the Mickey ice cream bar is taking on a whole new stylish form – Ears! Yes, your beloved ice cream treat has been transformed into a new must-have accessory that’s perfect for summer.

The Mickey Ice Cream Bar Ears feature plenty of sparkle, including an on-trend pink bow. Of course we love the bite detail on one side that only comes from eating this classic Mickey treat.

You can find these Ears next week at the Disneyland Resort and this July at the Walt Disney World Resort!

Disney issues seizure warning about ‘Incredibles 2’ for fans with epilepsy

In an unprecedented move, Disney has issued a warning to viewers about its new Incredibles film.

Incredibles 2, the animated Disney blockbuster that picks up where the original movie left off 14 years ago, features a sequence with the villain Screenslaver that features bright flashing lights. After the film opened Friday, some theatergoers posted on social media that the superhero cartoon could trigger seizures in people with epilepsy, migraines or chronic illness. The Epilepsy Foundation even issued a statement about concerns that people with epilepsy could suffer a seizure during the movie. "(We) appreciate the efforts some theaters have already made to post warning signs for people waiting to see the movie," the statement said.

On Friday, Walt Disney Pictures sent an advisory to theaters showing Incredibles 2, asking them flag customers to the scene.

AMC supervisor Mauricio Mencia, who's worked at the Universal CityWalk location in Los Angeles for the past year, says, "I've never seen something like that happen."

"Incredibles 2" contains a sequence with flashing lights that may be dangerous to viewers with photosensitive epilepsy. Disney has issued a warning to theaters about the scene.PIXAR

The memo, which has been shared on social media, says: " 'Incredibles 2' contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities."

The Incredibles 2 Has Profanity In Their Film

Incredibles 2 is rated U according to the British Board of Film Classification, which means it's suitable for all audiences.

However, Incredibles 2 is slightly darker than its predecessor. Children who connect much closer to animated characters (as children often do) may be frightened by the intensity of Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 stars Samuel L Jackson reprising his role as Frozone, and Jackson begins to utter the phrase: "What the f..."

He doesn't finish the sentence, but for parents who have concerns about swear words around their children, they may want to cover their kids' ears.

Educationally, it may be good for kids to see a superhero movie that blatantly flips gender roles, and isn't subtle about it like Incredibles 2.

Common Sense Media, an American parent driven website for movie reviews, generally gives it favourable ratings for kids - so Incredibles 2 be a safe bet for the whole family.

Incredibles 2 stars Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L Jackson, and is directed by Brad Bird.

Disney’s New Pineapple Cotton Candy Is Better Than Dole Whip

Disney has proven again and again that when it comes to food at its parks, the sky is the limit. They're constantly dropping new desserts, but one flavor popping up ALL around the park is pineapple. Dole Whip Donuts, pineapple marshmallow churros — you name it. And though Disney already had a pineapple cotton candy, they wanted an upgrade, and an upgrade they made. A new version has arrived, and it's probably the biggest order of cotton candy we've ever laid eyes on.

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Hasbro’s New Star Wars Interactive Chewbacca Is Just Adorable

Last year at Toy Fair, Hasbro caught the attention of attendees with an entire wall of dancing Baby Groots. This year’s version of that is a bit more of a narrative stretch but no less adorable: it’s a 16-inch tall Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie from Solo: A Star Wars Story, although, y’know, it’s not quite the same look he has in the movie. I may think a full-sized realistic Chewbacca is fun to hug (you better believe I waited in line at Disneyland to do just that), but for kids who are slightly smaller, this is more their size, and won’t be threatening arm removal any time soon. It’s also less weirdly Furbish than that Chewbacca Furby that came out three years ago.

He is just as interactive, however, responding to external movements and sounds with rrrrRRRROWrrrrs and movements of his own.

Your favorite Wookiee smuggler has over 100 sound and motion combinations in all, including different facial expressions. His legs feature standard articulation, so you can pose them yourself. Pose him on all fours and you might be able to fool your pet into thinking it has a new sibling.

Now that I think about it, his face evokes someone else too…

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is for children ages 4 and up, and will be available for $129.99 later this year in the fall.

Rose Gold Churros are the latest fabulous treat to take over Disneyland

Disney parks have gone all-in on the rose gold trend in recent months. First, there were rose gold Minnie Mouse ears. Then, there were rose gold spirit jerseys. Next, of course, we got the arrival or rose gold Minnie ear cupcakes. And now, we've reached peak rose gold Disney treats with the arrival of rose gold churros at Disneyland.

The sparkling, perfectly pink churros appeared at the Castle Churro Cart outside of Sleeping Beauty's Castle on February 14. Dusted with pink and gold edible glitter, these stunning churros have a strawberry flavor that perfectly matches their lustrous hue.

The rose gold churros cost $5.25 and are a limited-edition offering. According to Popsugar, they'll be available for just two months.

So you'd better head to Anaheim and get this sugary dessert (and a necessary Instagram photo in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle) ASAP.

Churros are an iconic Disneyland snack, and this isn't the first time the park has played around with this treat. In the past, they've offered lightsaber churros, gold churros, and pumpkin spice churros. And though we know these technically are a food and not a ride, we think the churros may just deserve a spot on the best Disney park attractions of all time.

Toy Story Land to Open at Walt Disney World Resort June 30

It’s official! Toy Story Land, the highly-anticipated toy-filled land inspired by the beloved “Toy Story” films, will open to guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios June 30, 2018.

When it opens, guests visiting Toy Story Land will “shrink” to the size of a toy and join in on the fun Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Andy’s other beloved toys are having in Andy’s backyard. Here, guests can take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash, a roller coaster Andy has assembled from his Mega Coaster Play Kit and topped off with Slinky and Jessie. (Check out the time-lapse video above of one of Slinky Dog Dash’s first test runs).

Families will also be able to take a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers, a galactic play set that Andy won from Pizza Planet. Here, adorable little green aliens swirl about in their flying saucers with guests in tow in their rocket ship toys, while “The Claw” hangs overhead.

Guests can also walk through a new carnival game box to experience Toy Story Mania!, which has been a guest-favorite attraction at the park since it opened in 2008. Now expanded with a third track, the popular attraction will put even more guests in the action taking aim at 3D objects – using everything from baseballs to cream pies – in a variety of whimsical, fast-paced games.

Woody’s Lunch Box – actually, Andy’s lunch box that he’s set on its side – will serve up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats from a walk-up window setting. The entire land will serve as a visual celebration of toys, with Crayons, Cooties, Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cubes, Tinkertoys, and other familiar toys and game pieces incorporated into the land’s design.

Disney World ticket prices rise again

Your next trip to Walt Disney World just got a little more expensive.

Prices for tickets and annual passes have once again increased, effective today.

The hike comes after Disney reported increased attendance at its theme parks in its first-quarter.

Disney World operates under a tiered pricing system, meaning the cost of tickets will depend on when you visit.

“We know how important making memories at Disney theme parks is to families and we will continue to evolve our pricing in a way that gives families a range of options to meet their budget and helps better spread attendance throughout the year so they can make the most of every visit," Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said.

At Magic Kingdom, a single-day ticket now costs $119 for adults on “regular” days. That’s a $4 increase.

A single “peak” day ticket now costs $129 for adults, a $5 increase from last year. And a “value” ticket costs $109, a $2 increase.

Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have slightly lower prices.

A single-day “regular” ticket now cost $114, a $7 increase from last year. A “value” ticket costs $102, while a “peak” ticket costs $122, up from $119.

Prices for annual passes have also increased.

The Florida-resident platinum pass with no blockout dates now costs $729, up from $679. The Gold pass with blockout dates during Christmas and spring break costs $589, a $30 increase. And the Silver pass with blockout dates during Christmas, spring break, and the summer cost $439, up from $419.

Disney also plans to sell multi-day tickets with date-specific pricing later this year.

The price increase comes months ahead of the opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Next year, Disney plans to open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios and Disneyland in Anaheim.

The company says all of the changes are reflected on the parks' websites.