Mission:Space to Receive MAJOR Upgrades!

Mission Space gets a major upgrade!

Fresh off the tails of D23, NEW details have emerged to give us a little more info on what we can expect to experience when Mission Space is rejuvenated. Mission Space will be re imagined with two separate experiences.

The Orange Side This side of the attraction will be exclusive to visiting Mars with brand new visuals and obstacles. The entire attraction will receive upgrades to it’s displays which will add for a more vivid experience. You can expect new duties and cues to perform your duties on board as the entire trip will be redone.

The Green Side Take a breathtaking trip outside the Earth’s atmosphere to experience our planet from another perspective. This more calm, Family-Friendly trip without the spinning will allow you to take in our planet from a more personal setting. Imagine Soarin’ on a more personal level. Your team will circle the Earth and visit some if not more encounter some unique experiences along the way.


Once we find out more about this upgrade we will bring it to you here at Viral Disney!

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