MOANA Overlay Coming to Typhoon Lagoon!!

MOANA is coming to Typhoon Lagoon! After this blockbuster was released public demand to actually experience the world of Moana are coming to life! Soon, Typhoon Lagoon will be closed for an extensive re-imagination of the entire park. The center of the park will be a 170 foot Te Fiti mountain with a mini Moana character moving on top talking to her.

Off the skirts of Volcano Bay, Disney saw the potential of building their very own Volcano based park. Some of the suggested rides we have heard will be included are:

Moana’s Underwater Passage:

Guests wearing scuba-gear will journey under water to visit fish in their natural habitats. Using your Magic bands you will unlock different rooms to explore and experience.

Maui’s Your Welcome Sing Along Nature Trail:

On the way up to Te Fiti’s Plummet, you will continuously hear “The Rock” sing Your Welcome for the duration of your 70 minute slow crawl through the Nature trail. Fastpass+ will be available if booked far enough in advance. This nature trail will feature zig-zag switchback queues and loaded with upset out-of-towners wanting to make their kids happy. Once exiting the walk-through you will see a lifelike animatronic Maui winking and saying ” Your Welcome…..!”

Tomatoa & The Gift Shop

Another major part of the expansion will be Tomatoa’s Gift Shop which will feature overpriced Moana merchandise and movie props that have been replicated through 3D printers and doused in plastic jewels and trinkets. You can visit the life-like animatronic Tomatoa in the center of the room which will interact with guests and try and pick trinkets and valuables off the guests.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, when we find out more at Viral Disney we will spread the word!

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