Pregnant woman was taken off Disney cruise

A woman says she was kicked off a Disney magic cruise in Miami because she was 25 weeks pregnant.

She says her doctor OK’d the trip but Disney does not permit it.

“Now, we’re officially getting kicked out of Disney.” Emily Jackson said.

It was supposed to be a family cruise filled with fun.

“And I was crying,” Jackson said.

This family of 10, including a baby boy on the way, was boarding a plane from St. Louis to Miami.

They were so excited they even had T-shirts made saying–“Keep calm, enjoy your Disney vacation.”

But instead: “I felt so bad because I felt like it was my fault that everybody couldn’t go,” Jackson said.

Jackson says she and her family went through security, even boarded the cruise, but as they waited on their room keys, crew members singled her out for being pregnant.

“He had no concerns about me going on this trip at all,” Jackson said.

Jackson, a mother of two on one on the way, is showing CNN her doctors note clearing her for the trip.

They were shocked to learn Disney’s policy posted to its website–women 24 weeks pregnant during the cruise will be refused passage.

And that included her.

When they complained, they say things got ugly.

The family is hoping to record a vacation for their YouTube vlog, ended up recording their debacle.

“We have to get our stuff over there,” Jackson said.

As they got kicked out.

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