The Great Movie Ride To Close; New Mickey Attraction Planned

According to permits filed with the state of Florida, The Great Movie ride is in the cross hairs of “DHS Project M”.

The interesting thing about the permit filed, besides it containing the exact address of The Great Movie Ride show building, is the end date of October 31, 2019. Normally short-term projects have a blank expiration date, as the work is completed in a year. It’s worth noting that this end date doesn’t necessarily indicate the opening date of the new attraction, but rather the end date of the work outlined in this specific permit.

This project is obviously a long-term project that lines up with information from sources indicating that The Great Movie Ride will be changed. In our eyes, the inclusion of a permit escalates this passed just a rumor.

So what will replace The Great Movie Ride? We’ve been told a Mickey themed attraction is in the works. A ride devoted to Mickey Mouse would be a first for the company, but long overdue in many fans’ eyes.

With D23 Expo starting tomorrow, we’re hoping this change gets added to the list of Walt Disney World enhancement announcements.

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