Walt Disney World Enforces FastPass+ Rules for those trying to Cheat the system!

The Walt Disney Company continues to find the most efficient ways for guests to enjoy their theme parks, but there are always those who will want more. No matter what decade or era, there have been those trying to cheat at the game, and that includes the current FastPass+ system. Now, Walt Disney World is going to crack down and enforce the rules for their ride and attraction system, which could lead to the lockdown of My Disney Experience accounts of those who try to cheat.

Soon, Disney will implement a “validation system” that will enforce the rules of the FastPass+ system and not allow guests to get more than they are entitled to receive. As of now, this new aspect of the system will be called “In-Park Validation,” and the name clearly describes what it is.

The system will work in a way that ensures those who are using FastPasses are those who have already entered the park. In a nutshell, that means you will have to have entered a Walt Disney World theme park with your ticket in order for FastPasses on a ticket or MagicBand to work that day.

If this ends up rolling out in its present form, it will actually stop a lot of cheaters and system abusers from continuing to use loopholes. The biggest reason for stopping their ways is that Cast Members will have the authority and ability to lock My Disney Experience accounts for those trying to cheat.